Update 1 - Version - 17 July 2020

The table below lists the fixes and enhancements in sisNET CONNECT Edition Update 1, with version number, released on July 17, 2020. Update 1 was built on PowerPlatform 10.14 and OpenCities Map 10.5.

IDNew Change Bug Description


X sisFLOW: the manipulation and modification of the CAD elements has been activated under sisFLOW.



Selection tool: In the list of all available object types, object types are now prefixed with the commodity name. 



sisNET: OpenGis storage: the storage of empty geometry collections (Orpfan cell type 2) is now avoided and thus the corresponding GEOM_BEST tables can be indexed 


 XsisIMS desktop: For sisIMS logged in users whose name contains a '.' the plot templates could not be found. The error is now fixed. 



sisNET: the objects in the job were not correctly taken into account in the selection - display at the range calculation. The bug is now fixed. 


X sisKONF: The missing file type functionality (previously in sisKONF) is now available again (start with _SISSTART_ = 1).


 XsisNET: Opening a DGN file without starting sisNET is now done without error messages


 X sisIMS-Desktop: if, after placing the area to be plotted, no second point for rotation is set, but directly the printout is created, the plot area with is displayed with rotation. The error is fixed.


 XsisKONF: Under certain circumstances (empty table name) the DB comparison has crashed. The bug is now fixed.
306920, 159151 XX Project management tool:
- Is now functional under sisNET CE, is delivered with sisNET CE and can be started via a link (to be installed optionally).
- The use of Oracle Exp / Imp or DataPump is possible. The Datapump can be configured via the project management.
- It is no longer necessary to use the Oracle user SYS / SYSTEM, you can also work with a DB administrator for sisNET (N_SYS or any other name). This user can be created via the project management. However, you can still work with SYS or SYSTEM.
308713, 295405 X Adjustments to the batch and commodity files.


 sisNET: With the new settings file ‘sisnet.btnmenu’ (MS_BUTTONMENUSEED in sisnet.cfg), the keyboard command ‘pan scroll’ is preset by default.


XsisNET Modul UMLFC: When processing LV outlets and MV switch panels with the UMLFC module, there was a crash. The bug is now fixed


X sisNET: The MSBATCH.BAT file is available again.


XsisNET Tools: Fixed choppy message ('D') in the message center


XsisNET Tools: When starting the DB comparison, it was not recognized that the commodity configuration has been changed since the last comparison. This has been corrected.


X sisNET Tools: The previous sisKONF functions "Clean up object tables" and "Clear data stock" have been added.


XsisNET: incorrect text in ribbon corrected


XsisFLOW: The "commodity" group is available again in sisFLOW-Ribbon


X sisNET: The number of UORs per master unit of a DGN file can now be determined with the macro function 'GETUORPERMASTER'. The function returns a double value.


XsisNET: The correct color is now used when creating a new label


X Aimp Plugin: The Aimp plugin for FME 2020 (64 bit) has been added. The installation file for the plugin can be found in the Addons directory if it was selected under Features during the installation of OpenUtilities sisNET
386130XsisNET: The crash when executing the line cross-section in the electricity commodity has been fixed


XsisNET: The error in the 'LOAD FILE' command has been corrected


XsisNET: The error in the macro function REFEXTENDED in connection with the parameter 'view' has been fixed.


XsisNET: The referencing of WMS files in Explorer has been corrected


XsisNET: The remaining English texts in German Ribbon have been adjusted.


 sisNET: The user module kstr got stuck in the creation process and did not work through the entire workflow. This has been corrected.


XsisNET: The umcell user module only places a cell freely rotatable if the transferred angle is -1. So far the cell has been placed freely rotatable at every negative angle


XsisNET: DB selection dialog -
The missing "+" / "-" buttons for adding further selection criteria to an object have been added


XsisNET: The POINTER macro function could lead to a crash. This has been corrected


XsisNET: The macro function EXPANDCFGVAR now also resolves variables that are not at the beginning of the expression


XsisNET: In the explorer configuration the function "Add to catalog with scanned DGN files" did not work. This has been corrected.


XsisNET: The display of the zoom factor in the view is now adjusted when the zoom dialog is closed


XsisNET: The update of the labels as a result of the attribute changes has been corrected


XsisNET: The icons were missing in the HTML documentation pages. The bug has been fixed.


XsisNET: The crash when executing the CALLBATCH macro has been fixed


XsisNET: Calling up PDF or XLS files via PERCENT Keyin now works again


XsisNET: The crash when using the C functions SQRT, POW in sisNET macros for the first time has been fixed.


XsisNET: The continuation of the batch file after calling the BATCHSENDKEYIN macro has been corrected
 X  sisIMS-Desktop: with the new 'WmsFeatureSelector' - setting, features of a Spatial - WMS - Layer can be resymbolized. Example: in a GRP file:   WmsFeatureSelector=projects/mainz_etrs89/sisims/wmsselector.json The 'wmsselector.json' file: 

{ "ADR_A":"color=#ff0000;lstyle=0;lwght=0;fill=#ff0000;fontweight=normal;fontname=Arial;textscale=3", "ADR_A_TXT":"color=#ff0000;fill=#ff0000;fontweight=normal;fontname=Arial;textscale=2"