Issue Notification: Seed File Setting and Stationing Issue in OBM (Nov.2.2021)

We have discovered a potential problem in the bridge seed file (Imperial Units only) in which we have the wrong arc/chord definition in the Civil Formatting option. The degree of curve length was incorrectly defined as 328.083’, instead of 100.00’.  

This could cause inaccurate stationing values and reports on any projects that have structures modeled on or after a curve in an alignment. If your seed files are affected, please change them to use 100.00’ for the Degree of Curve Length in place of the value shown below.  

The primary impact of this incorrect setting is on Stationing when using Imperial units, and curved alignments using the Chord/Arc definition.  

In addition to changing the setting, if there are any Chord defined arcs the stationing will still be incorrect. We have fixed this issue in the upcoming release, but we wanted to make you aware of this situation prior to the software release. 

If you find that your design project is impacted, we request you to file a support ticket and we will evaluate the impact and discuss possible solutions to the problem.  We apologize for the inconvenience and error.