02b. What conversion factors are used when updating a Library file from English to Metric in AutoPIP

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What conversion factors are used when converting from the base English material / spec library files to Metric (especially interested in what is used for the linear expansion conversion) ?


When creating a new material library, equipment library, or any type of library in AutoPIPE, know that all libraries file are created with English values. These English values are then converted to other units as defined in the respective units file specified on the General Model Options dialog screen.



Piping code = ASME B31.3 2006

Material file = B313-06

Pipe material =  A53-A

Pressure / Temp data for given material in ENGLISH units

Given library SPEC data for Material = A53-A: in ENGLISH units

Spec material = A53-A is linked to the library MATL table = CS

Modify Units from English to SI

Pressing OK button displays the following Note dialog:

N13-61: Code material cold and hot properties are updated.

Notifying the user that updates have been made to the indicated values, press OK and review the data.

Given library SPEC data for Material = A53-A: in SI units

Review the SI units file for thermal expansion conversion factor, see Line 24:

Note the conversion factor = 0.8333333

The converted values match exactly with the library values:

    x 0.83333333 =  


All AutoPIPE Libraries values are entered in using specific ENGLISH units and are converted in AutoPIPE by a conversion factor found in the indicated UNITS file (i.e. SI, Metric, MMetric, etc..).

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