Cannot draw wires in custom modes - Promis.e CONNECT

 Product(s):Promise CONNECT 
 Version(s): 10.00.XX.XX to 10.06.XX.XX
 Environment: NA
 Area: Wiring Feature
 Subarea: Draw Wire

Problem Description:

After creating a custom drawing mode using Mode Manager, the tools for drawing wires, cables, pipe, or hoses, such as Draw Wire, do not draw any lines on the project page.

Steps to Accomplish

1. Select in Project Manager Options >> Wire Settings >> Wire Layer Configuration.

2. Click New Layer and specify the name for Wire Layer under Use

3. Specify the Custom Mode in the drawing mode column using the drop down list, specify any other desired setting like Color, Voltage, or other settings and click OK.

 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar