Cannot create new users successfully

 Product(s):Exor Network Manager


When creating a new user in HIG1832, the Users form, this error appears:

User Creation Failed!  There was a problem with the compilation of the instantiate_user trigger on the new user.  The user has been locked.  This could be an issue with your synonyms or roles/privileges.


There are certain Oracle object and system privileges that must exist against the hig_user role, for any user's login to work properly.  Sometimes these are removed, either because the user doesn't understand the necessity of them, or by accident.  To replace them, the commands are below, taken from the nm3\install\higroles.sql script.  These are from version 4.8 - if you are using a later version of Exor, be sure to check the higroles.sql script for that version in case it's changed.  You will need to log into SQL / Toad as SYSTEM to run these - the Highways owner user does not have permission for all of them.

 Original Author:Sarah Willis-Culpitt