Prevent Truncation of Joint Coordinate Digits.

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 Area: General Solutions
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 Original Author:Sudip Narayan Choudhury
Bentley Technical Support Group

Prevent Truncation of Joint Coordinate values:

STAAD replaces General format coordinates with scientific format coordinates when the number exceeds 10000 in the format #.###e+00#. Is there a way to stop this truncation of values?

  1. Go to the Opening Page of STAAD.Pro.
  2. Go to the File > Configure option.
  3. Select the option File Format.
  4. Set the Joint Coordinates Significant Figures for the Joint Co-ordinates. For example, for a number 10000, the Significant Digit needs to be at least 5
  5. Click “Apply” and “Accept”.

If the specified value of the Significant Digits is set to less than the number of digits the Joint Coordinates have, the value would be reset in the scientific format in the editor.

Please find the screen shot for an illustration.