Creating Associations to GEOPAK and InRoads in ProjectWise

Product(s):InRoads, MX, GEOPAK
Area: ProjectWise


Creating Associations to GEOPAK and InRoads in ProjectWise


Accessing GEOPAK and/or InRoads products via ProjectWise in the SELECTseries 2 refresh requires associating the appropriate civil product with the program that is initiated by opening a DGN file. This is due to the change in the startup of both InRoads and GEOPAK via product specific Icons. Although the configuration files for both products still reside in the MS config\appl folder, the products don’t start unless a specific variable is defined. This variable is passed via the product icons. This change was made to alleviate the integration problem of the civil products with other Bentley products when multiple products are installed. By default the Civil configurations are only defined and initiated if the Civil products are started via the new icons. The same action can be accomplished by setting an environment variable or passing a command line argument at startup. This change in the startup of GEOPAK and InRoads, also allows the user to decide when they want to use a GEOPAK or Inroads license.

How This Is Configured

The initial configuration files for both InRoads and GEOPAK begin with an ‘if’ statement that looks to see if a variable is defined. If that variable is defined, then the rest of the configuration file is read. If not, the file is exited and MicroStation proceeds to the next configuration file in the appl folder.

The new icons define these variables from the configuration file:

Target entry in icons:

Configuring ProjectWise to Define These Variables

This can be accomplished multiple ways but there are two recommended methods as described below:

To Add a Command Line Argument to a Program in ProjectWise

  1. Start ProjectWise.
  2. Select the appropriate datasource.
  3. Open the Program Associations dialog (Tools > Associations > Programs).
  4. Set the association view to User associations.
  5. In the Applications list, expand an application.
  6. Expand the action (Open, Viewer, or Markup) containing the program you want to configure.
  7. If the action does not yet have a program associated to it, add the appropriate command line argument.
  1. For GEOPAK the command line argument is: -wsLoad_GEOPAK_SS2=1 and
    is applied to the MicroStation Open command line argument since GEOPAK does not
    have a startup executable defined in the currently released version of
  2. For the InRoads’ products the command line argument is:
    -wsLoad_InRoads_SS2=1. This would be added as a command line argument for all
    InRoads’ startup applications.

To Update Program Associations Via ProjectWise Administrator for All Users  (This workflow should be done by ProjectWise administrator).

  1. Copy the file CivilApps appinfo.xml to the machine where the ProjectWise server is installed.
  2. Open a command window and navigate to the "...\ProjectWise\bin" directory.
  3. Enter the command: dmsconv.exe -d ODBCDataSourceName -u DatabaseUserName.Password -appfile "PathToThisFile".
  4. When prompted to update MIME type select no. MIME type update is not necessary for this update.
  5. Once this process is completed, the program association should now have a GEOPAK association listed and the InRoads program associations should be updated to include a command line argument.