CONNECT Advisor keeps turning on when starting MicroStation

Area:CONNECT Advisor

Problem Description

CONNECT Advisor window pops up each time MicroStation is started, even though the automatic start is turned off in CONNECT Advisor settings.

Steps to Resolve

Perform the following steps:

1.      Open Notepad as an Administrator.

2.      Right click Notepad and “Run as Administrator”

3.      Open file “C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\config\system\applicationload.cfg”

4.      Search for “ConnectAdvisor”You will find this line “_USTN_FIRSTDGNFILE > ConnectAdvisor”

5.      Add a Hash symbol “#_USTN_FIRSTDGNFILE > ConnectAdvisor” to the start of the line

6.      File > Save

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 Original Author:Grzegorz Cwiek