Common Errors and Warnings When Importing into RAM Concept[TN]

 Product(s):RAM Structural System, RAM Concept 
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 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group

Common Errors and Warnings

Importing slab openings that cross walls can cause meshing errors and instability in Ram Concept.

Typically, when modeling openings in RAM SS that are side by side, users will use the Add Slab Opening - in Bay option, clicking in each bay. With this approach the common edges for the inner wall are automatically removed leaving one larger, merged opening. This is a good practice for most structures, but has one side effect for models that are being integrated with Ram Concept. 

When imported to Ram Concept, the larger opening prevents any slab from remaining along the center wall:

And this leads to wall meshing errors like this:

As well as an instability since the wall inside the opening can now fall over out of plane.

The error can be fixed directly in Ram Concept by adding a sliver of slab (or a beam) along the wall from one side of the opening to the other. Alternatively, the errors can be prevented by modeling two distinct openings in RAM SS from the beginning.

This is one case where using construction grids and 0" overhang slab opening edges is advised. The resulting Concept model will also have 2 distinct openings and the wall in the middle will be OK.

Dealing with partial levels

If a RAM Structural System model has a partial level that does not encompass all of the concrete columns (and/or walls) on a particular story, those columns will be excluded from the Concept model. If they were included, they could result in instabilities as noted above. 

Consequently, if the Column Gravity Reactions are saved back to the RAM SS file, no data will be available for those columns. 

If the Ram Concrete Analysis is rerun using forces from Concept at that story, you will then get a warning that indicates, No Concept forces...

RAM SS model with column #4 at A-1RAM Concept without Column #4

In those cases, Ram Concrete Analysis will continue to use the original Concrete Analysis forces for those specific columns (at the affected stories).

More Information

Please see RAM Concept-RAM Structural System Integration for additional help links.