PLAXIS 3D CE V22.02.00 Release notes

New in PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V22 Update 12

Release: October 2022

PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V22 ( contains the following improvements and updates compared to PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V22.01:

Compatibility notes: Due to the major changes in the material database and the unit system, PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition Version 22 will be installed alongside Version 21, instead of overwriting it. When opening PLAXIS 3D V21 projects with PLAXIS 3D V22, projects will automatically be saved as a converted copy with the _converted suffix and will require recalculation. When using non-SI-units, the mesh also needs to be regenerated.
The PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V21 projects will remain unchanged.
Earlier versions of PLAXIS will not be able to open files saved in PLAXIS 3D V22.

New features

Hoek-Brown model improvements
Added tension cut-off and tensile strength parameters to the material parameter input. Safety calculations for Hoek-Brown materials now correctly reduce the tensile strength as well, providing more realistic safety factors.
Improved robustness of import and intersections
Components for the import and intersection capabilities in PLAXIS 3D have been upgraded, improving the robustness when dealing with imported geometry, applying the intersect and recluster command and the automatic intersection when moving to the Mesh mode. The robustness of importing triangulated surfaces via OBJ and STL file format was also improved.
Removed Academic watermarks
For users of Academic licenses, PLAXIS no longer displays watermarks in Input and Output.

Fixed issues

The following known issues have been fixed in this version:

A large number of issues have been addressed, including:

Download links

You can update to the latest version using the CONNECTION Client, or download the installer via Bentley System's Software downloads.