Microstran Support Solutions

The TechNotes and FAQs in this section cover various topics that pertain to Microstran. Some also pertain to LIMCON and MStower. Use the navigation tree at the left to browse, or search for topics.

Many of the Support Solutions have been transferred from the legacy Microstran website, so the original FAQ index is maintained below:

Error Messages

Angle Between AB and AC Too Small

Windows Topics

Where Are My Toolbars?

Toolbars and Extra Buttons

How To Initialize Microstran Configuration Settings

Dual Monitor Operation

Windows Terminology

Exchanging Data Between Microstran and a Spreadsheet

[[Menu bar and Toolbar in Microstran disappeared. ]]

Graphical Input


What's the Use of the Grid When Most Nodes Are Not on a Grid Point?

How Can I Input Nodes that Are Not on a Grid Point?

Load Sub-division

Restraints and Releases

What's the Difference Between Restraints and Releases?

Why Are There Different Conventions for Restraints and Releases?

Why Are "1" and "0" Used Instead of "F" and "R" for Restraints and Releases?


What's the Difference Between a Constraint and a Restraint?

Master-Slave Constraints

Instability and Ill-Conditioning

Common Modelling Problems

Plastic Analysis of Frames

Analysis of Tilt-Up Panels

Design of Fall Arrest Systems

[[How to model Compression only spring support]]

[[Grade 450 not available for Truss Members .]]

Non-Linear Analysis

Why Do I Have to Select Which Load Cases Are Analysed?

Saving Time with Non-Linear Analysis

Steel Design

Adding a Section to the Steel Library

Restraints for Steel Design

How Can Normal Grade Be Stronger Than High Grade


Dynamic Analysis

What Does Microstran Dynamic Analysis Do?

What's the Difference Between LumpedĀ  and Consistent Mass?

What is Response Spectrum Analysis?

Earthquake Analysis to AS 1170.4

Earthquake Analysis to NZS 4203

Elastic Critical Load Analysis

Why Does ECL Analysis Give Such High k Factors?

What Effective Length Factor Should I Use for Design?