01-a. How to install AutoPIPE ATS v.

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Version(s):2004, XM, V8i 
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Dec 2014


How to install AutoPIPE ATS v.



1. This procedure assumes that the same exact version of AutoPIPE V8i mentioned in the ATS documentation has already been installed.

2. Different versions of AutoPIPE ATS (Automatic Test Set) are not meant to be installed side-by-side. The proper procedure is to use typical Windows steps to remove the previous version of any AutoPIPE ATS application and install the newer version of AutoPIPE V8i ATS with the directions provided below.

If multiple versions of ATS need to be installed side-by-side, see the workaround here.

3. The procedure assume that no previous version of an AutoPIPE V8i ATS has been installed on the indicated computer.

Step #1: Find the downloaded file

Navigate to the EXE file downloaded / copied to a computer to start the installation:

Default: C:\Downloads \Bentley \

Step #2: Start the installation

Double click on the "apats090601xxen.exe" to start the installation process.

Note: Be patient while the application is installing as it is checking to verify programs already installed, verifying drive space, etc.. there may be periods when it appears nothing is happening. Give the system time. In the event the installation stops a warning / error will be presented. Just follow the prompts and be patient. Highly recommended that all applications are closed during the installation process. On average it will take 6-8 min to install everything.

Step #3: Installation dialogs and User interaction (by default)   

The following is automatically displayed after pressing Finish button, select the hyperlinks to see complete details about this version of the program. 

Step #4: Finish with AutoPIPE V8i ATS install

Continue with licensing AutoPIPE V8i ATS, click here. 

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