MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition [FAQ]

MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Frequently Asked Questions

Which operating systems are supported?

Note: MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition runs on 64-bit systems only

What are the minimum hardware requirements?

Is the V8 DGN file format sustained in this release?

Yes, the V8 DGN format remains unchanged for the MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition

Can I install MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition on the same workstation as MicroStation PowerDraft V8i?

You can install MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition on workstations that are also running the V8i edition of Bentley products. 

What are the differences between PowerDraft and MicroStation CONNECT Edition?

You can find more information about some of the differences on this topic here.

What versions of ProjectWise Design Integration will be supported by this release?

MicroStation CONNECT Edition commercial release will support ProjectWise Explorer Client CONNECT Edition commercial release. The ProjectWise Explorer Client CONNECT Edition will be able to connect to  ProjectWise Integration Servers V8i SS4 version or higher.

What is the easiest way to find the tools I need in this new version?

After familiarizing yourself with the layout, be sure to use the integrated search found in the upper right corner of the interface to find any command quickly. You can also launch commands directly from the search bar.

What versions of Autodesk ® RealDWG™ are supported?

The MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition ships with Autodesk ® RealDWG™ 2016 which supports DWG versions 14 – 2016.

Which object enablers are supported?

Any object enablers that are compatible with Autodesk ® RealDWG™ 2016

Are my existing Workspaces supported?

MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition adds new concepts to the application's configuration.  Please check the product documentation for details on how to upgrade existing Workspaces to a CONNECT Edition configuration.

In particular the Configuration topic as well as the The WorkSpaceSetup.cfg Configuration File topic should be consulted.

What is the activation period for MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition?

MicroStation PowerDraft will run without a license for 7 days as an evaluation period.  After being licensed, it must communicate with a license server at least every seven days to continue operation.  In fact, all Bentley desktop products are now standardized on a seven day activation period.  This ensures better, more accurate reporting and helps to make sure a company does not inadvertently exceed their license count.

For those customers running disconnected or mobile solutions the best option for uninterrupted operation is to check out a license.  A checked out license can run up to a year without connecting to a license server.

How are new element types such as tables and parametric cells handled in previous editions of MicroStation PowerDraft?

New element types are generally displayed in previous versions of MicroStation PowerDraft but remain read-only in that they cannot be edited or moved.  However they can be copied or deleted.

Are two licenses used if I start MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT and V8i at the same time?

Although two usage records are recorded, one for each product, only one usage is calculated as it is run on one unique machine.  So the behavior is the same as if two instances of the same version were started at the same time.