06. When exporting a AutoPIPE model to STAAD the following screen appears and the "Close" button rem

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When exporting a AutoPIPE model to STAAD the following screen appears and the "Close" button remains grayed out, why?

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Revision history exported successfully

Model data exported successfully



For larger models in AutoPIPE it takes a period of time to export all the data to a *.PIPELINK file. See the following as an example of the data printed to this dialog. 

Only after the "Export to STAAD is completed..." line printed on the dialog (shown above) will the "Close" button be able to be pressed; closing this dialog and generating the *.PIPELINK file.

Using the Windows "X" in the upper right corner of the dialog, will cancel the command and the *.PIPELINK file will not be created. The Export> Model to STAAD command will have to be re-started, be patient and wait for the command to process the *.PIPELINK file.

On rare occasions, does the system fail to create a *.PIPELINK file given enough time. In such events, suggest the following approach,

Suggestion #1:

create a new model with the same general model options and use the Insert Model> AutoPIPE Model (*.dat) command to import the original model into a clean model. After the import is successful, be sure to review the Tools> Model listing report and Design Check report, making every effort to lower the number of occurrences to as few as possible. Continue to review the model to be sure all the load and settings are correct. Only after such review, then execute the "Export> Model to STAAD using PipeLINK" command again. This import process into a new model cleans the original database and flush out any problems that may have occurred in the original file. 

Suggestion #2:

If the AutoPIPE model has Beams modeled, try deleting all the beams from the entire model, run an analysis, and try to export to STAAD PIPELINK. If successful, problem is related to a beam. Check for supports that are connected to split beam (TFS-149785).

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