How to provide or rotate the Edge perimeter Bars along the direction of main bars?

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.xx.00.xx)
 Area:Rebar Modeling
 Subarea:Perimeter Trimmer
 Original Author:Kemuel Jancorda, Bentley Product Advantage Group

Problem Description

User wants to rotate Edge Perimeter Bars along the direction of the main reinforcing bars in concrete slabs.

Steps to resolve

For the scenario, concrete slab with diagonal edges will be used.

1. From the Rebar Placement ribbon, click Add Perimeter Trimmers with Corners to Slab.

2. In the Perimeter Trimmers dialog box under Trim Reinforcing tab, go the Perpendicular bar options. Set your bar parameters and in the bar shape selection box, choose "Straight".

3. At the bottom section of the box, go to Select Concrete and apply it to your concrete model.

4. Under Placement, select the edge of your placement.

5. Under End Conditions tab, select End Condition type for the edge bars and set the rotation based on your requirement.

6. And, lastly, go to rebar end properties (Three dots icon) to edit other parameters such as length and pin diameters.

In conclusion, in this way, one can achieve to provide and/or rotate edge perimeter bars along the direction of the main reinforcement.