06. Added information about USER SIF values in AutoPIPE:

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Added information about USER SIF values in AutoPIPE:


Joint Types inserted on a node in AutoPIPE will alter the SIF values for that node. In the case of tee intersections, joint types are applied to the tee intersection.  If you wish to apply a joint type at the leg, you are required to insert a node at the appropriate location and insert a joint.

Both In-Plane and Out-Plane SIF is provided on the Joint Type & User SIF dialog. For codes like ASME B31.3, AutoPIPE also prints the SIF in and out plane values in the code compliance for each combination. 

At this time, AutoPIPE does not have a means to provide User Flexibility Factors for Tees. However, AutoPIPE v11 will introduce the new option available for B31.1 and B31.3 2012 and later edition models. This will allow user to enter user flexibility factors by setting the tee type to ‘Other’.

Additional information can be found on the AutoPIPE Forum:

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