Inserting Elements By Coordinates

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"How to insert macros at 0,0 or other X, Y coordinates?"


The AccuDraw tool box can be used to enter coordinates for operations such as macro placement.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Select the Insert Macro tool, select the macro to place, click the Place Macro button.

  2. With the macro at the mouse pointer, press F11 to make the AccuDraw box appear and/or have focus. Alternatively, click into a field of the AccuDraw box.

  3. Type the desired coordinates into the AccuDraw tool box.  It is acceptable to actually type "0,0".

  4. Move the mouse pointer onto the drawing area and verify the macro is positioned as expected.

  5. Left click on the drawing area to Accept and complete the placement.

Although not typical in recent versions of the software, it may be necessary to define the origin (0,0) to be in the desired location before the steps above will work properly.  This is evident if the elements inserted using the above process are inserted in the wrong position, or if the AccuDraw compass appears somewhere besides where 0,0 is expected to be.  The following processes can be used to set the origin:

  1. Open any page in any project.

  2. Select Settings > AccuDraw from the main pull down menus along the top of the application.

  3. On the Operations tab of the AccuDraw Settings dialog, disable the "Floating Origin" option and close the dialog.

  4. Define a tentative point, by pressing the left and right mouse buttons at the same time.  A cross hair should appear where the tentative point is specified.

  5. Press F11 to put focus on AccuDraw, then key in the letter O (for Origin). 

  6. Select File > Save Settings to maintain this change.

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