Advanced Concrete Design is now Included with STAAD.Pro License

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Is Advanced Concrete Design now Included with STAAD.Pro License?


A limited version of STAAD Advanced Concrete Design (also known as RCDC) is now included with STAAD.Pro. With this version you can design concrete beams, columns, and walls to ACI 318 (Imperial and metric), IS 456, EC 02, and BS8110, and also view drawings onscreen (output to CAD file is only available with STAAD.Pro Advanced). Below is a list of the features that can be used with the basic STAAD.Pro license:

The following features will require a STAAD.Pro Advanced license:

To start using these features, download and install STAAD.Pro V22 Update 3 or later. During the installation, check the RCDC box to install the STAAD Advanced Concrete features.

When launching the Advanced Concrete Design workflow from the STAAD.Pro interface, you will be presented with a license configuration dialog. Select the STAAD.Pro (Limited Features) option to use only the features included with your STAAD.Pro license.

If you would like to design concrete members in your STAAD.Pro model but are not familiar with the Advanced Concrete Design workflow, there is a wealth of resources to help you get started. Check out this video covering column and wall design in RCDC.

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