Changing embedded pile connection type might be not taken into account in the calculation

ApplicationPLAXIS 3D
Issue status✔ Solved
First Affected VersionPLAXIS 3D 2012.00
Found in VersionPLAXIS 3D 2012.00
Fixed and Released in VersionPLAXIS 3D 2016.00
Issue #18001
Date created30 July 2015
Date modified31 October 2017

Problem description

The embedded beam (or embedded pile as the element was called in 3D 2013 version and older) connection type (rigid/hinged/fixed) is not updated in the data structure in the files used by the calculation kernel, when changing from one connection type to another (in Structures mode). This may result in incorrect input data for the calculations and may lead to unexpected results in Output.

In order to ensure whether the correct connection type is used in the calculations, please check the following for the embedded pile(s) in Output:


The issue is fully solved in PLAXIS 3D 2016.

In PLAXIS 3D AE.01 the program will require the mesh to be regenerated to make sure that the change of connection type is properly written into the preprocessing data. We are working on a more elegant solution that does not require to regenerate the mesh and forces you to recalculate all phases.

To solve the problem in PLAXIS 3D AE.00 / 3D 2013 or earlier, you can force the change of the connection type to be written to the data files for the calculation kernel for all phases by using the following command:

 __writephasestomesh True

Then, by re-calculating your project, you will have the correct connection type of the embedded beam(s) applied. This can all be achieved by using these commands in the Commands Runner directly after changing the connection type:

 gotostages __writephasestomesh True calculate True

For more information on the command used, please check the Command reference (Help menu).