How to disassociate/remove a WorkSet from a dgn to be able to load a ProjectWise WorkSpace

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: ProjectWise Design Integration
Original Author:Holly Herring, Bentley Technical Support Group


When I open a dgn from ProjectWise that has a managed workspace assigned to it, it does not load the managed workspace. It loads a local workspace. How do I strip the local WorkSpace and WorkSet from this dgn so that it will load the ProjectWise workspace?


Stripping the WorkSpace and WorkSet from a dgn is necessary if you dragged and dropped a local dgn to ProjectWise, and want to open the dgn within the ProjectWise managed workspace. If you don't run this command, it will open the local WorkSpace/WorkSet that is associated to the dgn.

Go to OpenRoads Modeling > Home > Primary > Key-In


Key-in File disassociateworkset then hit Enter. This will remove the WorkSet from the dgn.


*NOTE: If you do a File > Save Settings after running this key-in it will re-associate the WorkSpace and WorkSet to the dgn. Be sure not to do a File > Save Settings after running the key-in.