How to Install Language Pack for MicroStation CONNECT Edition


Language packs are now available from Fulfillment Center


Steps to Accomplish

1. Use the following link for downloading and

 2. Press Go to portal


3. From there you will access

4. . Under My Supports-> Click on Software downloads (You need to log in using your Credentials as Select User)

5. Type: MicroStation CONNECT in the search box or select MicroStation directly from the tile


6. Select MicroStation (MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64) and press enter

7. Do the search using the following filter in order to access the language packs:

Generation: CONNECT Edition

Language: Spanish for example

Architecture: x64

Deliverable type: Language pack

Subscription services: No

Different language packs  (8 MB) are available, select the appropriate version  according to the version used in the English full pack. If you have  installed Microstation CONNECT edition English update 13,, you need to install the same language pack version

8. Once you have Installed MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 build (2 MB) in English  you can install the different lMicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 bits Language pack  (8 MB) in the desired language German, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, etc

9. Once Language Pack is installed launch MicroStation Connect and Go to File\Settings\Preference:category:Languages and change from English to the other language available now (see screen shot).
every time you switch languages it will be needed to close MicroStation and Launch it again to read the changes

See Video: How to Install  Spanish Language Pack (Applicable to the rest of Language Packs)  and How to revert language back to English

Spanish Language Pack  (Setup_MicroStationx64_10.00.00.025_es_LangPack.exe).

 Important Note in case you have any EAP language pack installed:

During the MicroStation CONNECT Edition language pack installation process, language packs for CONNECTION Client and DGN Indexer are also installed.

However, when the MicroStation language pack is uninstalled, the CONNECTION Client and DGN Indexer language packs remain installed.

This may cause error messages for users who subsequently try to reinstall MicroStation.

For this reason, we strongly recommend manually uninstalling the CONNECTION Client and DGN Indexer language packs along with the MicroStation language pack before attempting another install.

We plan to have a solution in place for the Q4 update to avoid this inconvenience.

Note: Users should select the View installed updates page in the Programs and Features section of the Control Panel to uninstall the MicroStation and CONNECTION Client language packs.

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 Original Author:Maria Munoz