STAAD.Pro crashes after an analysis of a model with connections

First Affected Version:
 Found in Version:
Fixed and Released in Version:N/A
 Area: Connection Design Workflow
 Issue #:592228

Problem Description

When an analysis is performed on model which has connections defined, on completion of the analysis the details of the connection designs are updated and the design re-performed. If the model has HBBB or HCBB gusset connections defined in a version of STAAD.Pro earlier than CE V22 Update 6, then the design causes an application crash 


The gusset plate connection templates (HBBB and HCBBB) have undergone a number of changes in STAAD.Pro V22 Update 6 which operate successfully when defined and designed entirely in STAAD.Pro V22 Update 6. However, the change has meant that models which had the older form of the template defined now have data in a form which is not compatible and hence cause the application to crash.

Suggested Workaround

Open the model. despite having crashed during the connection design stage of the analysis, all the analysis results are preserved and available. This means that it is possible to enter the Connection Design workflow.

Click on the Connection Design workflow and identify all HBBB and HCBB connections listed in the primary connection design table, e.g.

Delete these from the model and re-assign them so that the gusset connection data is re-created.

Once all the HBBB and HCBB connections have been redefined, close the model so that the data is saved.

Re-open the original model and proceed as normal, the issue should be resolved.