2DAE: Issues with automatic dynamic substeps determination

ApplicationPLAXIS 2D
Issue status✔ Solved
First Affected VersionPLAXIS 2D AE.00
Found in VersionPLAXIS 2D AE.00
Fixed and Released in VersionPLAXIS 2D AE.02
Issue #21086
Date created08 April 2014
Date modified24 October 2016

Problem description

When the Time step determination for a Dynamic phase is set to automatic, the number of steps used for the time discretization will be automatically determined by the calculation kernel based on the critical time step. This critical time step is determined by the element properties (stiffness of the materials used in an element and this element’s size) and the dynamic input signal (Displacement multiplier or Load multiplier).

However, the automatic number of dynamic substeps is not always determined correctly in PLAXIS 2D AE.00 and PLAXIS 2D AE.01:


This issue is now solved in PLAXIS 2D AE.02