How to: Smart way to place a camera

 Applies To 
 Version(s):V8i, CONNECT Edition
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Visualization
 Subarea: Camera
 Original Author:Anders OMahony, Bentley Technical Support Group









It can sometimes be hard to place a camera in a confined space or in very complex models. This "How To" will give you a couple of good tricks to easier place a camera in a 3D model.

How to:

Step 1:   Make sure that all ACS Lock are or any other Locks are not activated.

Step 2:   Draw a help line in the position where you would like to place the camera, this makes it easier to 
              place the camera in the desired position and height.

Step 3:   If needed, rotate AccuDraw to Top and lock the Z-axis to insure that the camera looks straight 
              ahead, unless the camera needs to look up or down in elevation.


Thanks to Tine Lai Andersen for the information to the above "How To"