Copy/Array command in Plaxis 2D

ApplicationPLAXIS 2D
Date created30 September 2014
Date modified30 September 2014

Since PLAXIS 2D 2015, the user interface provides an option to copy or array objects: first select the items you want to copy (array), and then choose the array tool in Structures mode:

This is also possible using the command line with the arrayr command. For older versions (2D AE), the command line is the only option to perform this operation.

The command has the following structure:

arrayr (Line_1 Point_33) A B C

arrayrthe command
(Line_1 Point_33)the objects to be copied or arrayed (this may be multiple objects)
Athe number of copies (note that the original object is included in this
number so a value of 2 will give just one copy)
Boffset in x-direction
Coffset in y-direction







For a bigger selection of objects it is possible to quickly copy all the names to the command line using this tip and trick on Obtain Object names easily to use in commands