Importing LandXML Data Via The ABC Wizard


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Product(s): LEAP Bridge

Version(s): V8i/CONNECT

Original Author: Steve Willoughby, Bridge Product Specialist


The V8i version of LEAP Bridge has new functionality that allows the user to import LandXML data via the ABC Wizard.  Using LandXML, the alignment, profile and cross-section of the roadway can easily be read into the ABC Wizard.  For information on creating a LandXML file, look in the See Also section of this TechNote.


Importing LandXML Data

Before beginning this process, ensure that you have a LandXML file containing one or more horizontal alignments, one or more profiles as well as  cross slope information.  All three Bentley road design applications can generate a LandXML file suitable for importing to LEAP Bridge.

  1.  Start the ABC Wizard in LEAP Bridge.
  2. Select the LandXML icon.
  3. Select the Browse icon to pick an XML file.
  4. Enable the Connect to Data Source toggle and select OK
  5. Expand the Alignments, Profiles and/or Cross Sections categories and select the desired elements to import.  Select OK to import.
  6. An informational dialog will let you know that the information has been imported.
  7. If an alignment was imported, select the Alignment... button to review the imported geometry.  Also set the Begin Bridge Station.
  8. Select OK to complete the process.

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