Cannot Open page, can only Delete

Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
Version(s):08.11.13 -
Area:Project Management
Subarea:Project Manager

Problem Description

When I right-click a page in Project Manager, all the options are grayed out except Delete. I cannot open the page. When I double-click the page an error message is displayed:

Cannot open the page because the page file does not exist.


This occurs when there is a discrepancy between the file name of the drawing specified in the project database and the file name of the drawing in the project's folder. This can occur if the drawing file is deleted or renamed outside of [[Project Manager]]. This behavior occurs for projects in the file system and for projects in ProjectWise.

Steps to Resolve

Rename the drawing file back to its original name using Windows Explorer or ProjectWise Explorer as the case may be. The correct file name can be constructed from the information seen in Project Manager or Modify Page according to the drawing naming convention. The drawing naming convention can be viewed by clicking Edit on [[Options]] > Project Options > Standards > General.

In some cases, the expected file name does not follow the drawing naming conventions, such as when this would create a conflict with another DGN file. A report template can be created using [[Report Template Designer]] > File > New > Customized By SQL Statement with the following query:

SELECT dbo.Page.fileName, AS page, AS DrawingSet, AS Installation, 
      AS Location
               dbo.DrawingSet ON dbo.Page.document_id = INNER JOIN
               dbo.Installation ON dbo.Page.installation_id = INNER JOIN
               dbo.Location ON dbo.Page.Location_id =
WHERE (dbo.Page.project_id = @projectid)

After saving the template, run it using [[Run Reports]]. It will be in the CUSTOM category.

If the drawing file was deleted, restore from backup or the Recycle Bin.

If the page is truly not needed, right-click it in Project Manager and select Delete.

Going forward, all operations on project pages should be done using [[Project Manager]].

 Original Author:Matt_P

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