How to import Line Styles into a design file without using Configuration Variables

 Version:V8i, CONNECT, 2023
 Area:Custom Line Styles


I would like to import line styles contained in RSC or LIN files into my design file without using any configuration variables.


1. In MicroStation CONNECT & later versions, open the Line Style Editor by navigating to Drawing Workflow > Home Tab > Line Styles drop-down menu > Manage
    (For MicroStation V8i, navigate to Element > Line Styles > Edit in V8i)

2. In the Line Style Editor, select File > Import > and then choose either AutoCAD Line Style File (LIN) or MicroStation Resource File (RSC) depending on which file the line style is stored in.

3. Once you choose the file type, the Open Line Style Library dialog will appear. Choose the file you want to import and then select "Open".

4. The Select Line Styles to Import dialog will appear. In this dialog, you will choose which line styles from within the RSC or LIN file you wish to import.
To select them all, choose the first one with a left click, then hold the left mouse button down and slide down the list. If any of the line styles appear red instead of black once highlighted, that means the line style already exists within the file. You can also use the CTRL/SHIFT keys to select multiple line styles. Hit Import.

5. The dialog will disappear and the line style(s) will be imported. To ensure the process was successful, you can check via . You should see the line styles you just imported and the source will be listed as the file you are currently in.

Now you will be able to transfer or move the design file without worrying about losing the line styles in the drawing.

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