AutoPIPE 11.x - Specific Help, Tutorial, and Reference documents

Note: Some of the AutoPIPE models mentioned in these PDF documents below can be opened with:

PDF's files

Folder location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\AutoPIPE CONNECT\Documents

  1. AutoPIPE Licensing FAQ
  2. AutoPIPE_Software_Validation.pdf
  3. AutoPIPE_Tutorial.pdf
  4. Bentley CONNECT Edition Overview.pdf
  5. Quickstart_AutoPIPE.pdf
  6. Tutorial Files Notification.pdf


This version of AutoPIPE has a special tool inside called CONNECT Advisor, see WIKI here for detailed information and list of videos available through AutoPIPE Knowledge Map

Within AutoPIPE Help

With AutoPIPE open, select Help> Contents> Contents Tab> Supplemental Documentation> select the document "Supplemental Documentation" scroll down the document to see a following list of PDF files available:

  1. AutoPIPE Quick Reference
  2. AutoPIPE to STAAD Pipelink Database Conversion
  3. Mapping AutoPIPE v11 Ribbon Commands to AutoPIPE v10 Menu Commands
  4. Report Manager Technology Preview
  5. Microsoft Word Input Data Listing Technology Preview
  6. Export SQLite Database Technology Preview
  7. AutoPIPE New Features and Enhancements [V9.61 TO V6.20]
  8. AutoPIPE New User Tips
  9. C2 AP Settings
  10. Caesar AutoPIPE Translation
  11. Hot Clash Tutorial
  12. Hydrotest Tutorial
  13. ProjectWise Integration
  14. AutoPIPE ASME NB Example
  15. AutoPIPE MSRS Example1
  16. Tutorial DNV OS F101 2012
  17. Tutorial - Import Coordinates from Excel to AutoPIPE
  18. Tutorial - ISO 14692 FRP
  19. Tutorial - Ring Main Wizard
  20. Tutorial - Soil Overburden and Seismic Wave Propagation in AutoPIPE
  21. Tutorial ASME B311 With HDPE
  22. Tutorial ASME ND With HDPE

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