Power BI Data Connector


1.     Introduction

This document outlines the steps required to setup iModel data connector for Power BI

2.     Prerequisites

2.1. Power BI Desktop

You’ll need Power BI Desktop (free BI tool)


2.2. Connector File

Download connector file from below



3.     Setting up Global Environments

Copy the downloaded .mez file to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors

Open PowerBI

Navigate to File -> Options and Settings -> Options -> Security -> Data Extensions and "Allow at extension without validation or warning". This is necessary to allow the external connector. 


4.               Using Connector

Click on "Get Data"

Search for "Design Insights" in the top left corner.

Select Design Insights Connector


Fill in required input parameters

For help on EC SQL Query, you can see training document here - https://www.itwinjs.org/learning/ecsql/


Click on OK once the fields are filled up


Click on sign in as different user if you are not signed in

Upon sign in, click on Connect button



Once the connection is made, you’ll be able to see preview of the response data, you can either load the data as is or Transform it further