Stiffener Connection Not Working

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 Original Author:Steffen Knoll, Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description

Starting the stiffener connection and selecting a shape, the dialog does not appear.


The last saved settings for the stiffener dialog does not work for the selected shape.

Steps to Resolve

Option 1 Update the stiffener dialog by editing an existing stiffener connection

  1. If you have a stiffener connection in your model, select the stiffener, right click for context menu.

  2. PS Change Connection. The stiffener dialog appears. Leave the dialog by hitting the ok button.
  3. Now you can try the stiffener connection with the original shape. It will for sure work if it has the same shape size as the other one.


Option 2 Delete the temp file of the stiffener connection

  1. Open the temp folder of your ProSteel Version.
    C:\Program Files\Bentley\ProStructures\V8i_S5\AutoCAD 2013\Temp\Metric

  2. Delete the file PsStiffener.sve
  3. Next time the stiffener dialog will start with factory settings.


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