ProStructures V8i for AutoCAD (2007 - 2010) SELECTseries 2 (

This release includes the following:

• Support of AutoCAD 2007 - 2010
• Microsoft Windows XP / Vista - 32 bit

What is new:

All the following issues have been fixed

  Short Description                                      Long Description
AutoCAD did show a FATAL Error message and did exit on clicking "Part Families" commandWhile installing the license was selected for both "Steel and Concrete". After installation was complete, it was reset to "Only Steel".
With above setting, go to "ProSteel" menu and click on "Part Families".
AutoCAD will show a FATAL error message and exist.
Connection Center Command didn’t load connection center. Instead started windows installer and configured ProStructures for AutoCAD.1. Install ProStructures on user defined path with license for both Steel and Concrete.
2. Start ProStructures.
3. Go to ProSteel >>Connections and select “Connection Center”.
Connection Center dialog box/window will not be get loaded. Instead windows installer will start and configure ProStructures V8i for AutoCAD. This process doesn’t end. System hangs up.
StrucLink: Exporting a list with no member in it and importing it back hangs the StrucLink window1.Export a model with shapes longer than 40’.
2.While doing so in StrucLink window toggle off the ignore length button.
3.Enter length 40’. So it doesn’t give any member in the List window.
4.Then click OK.
5.Again open the StrucLink window to import back the same .mdb file.

Actual Results: it shows runtime error and the StrucLink window hangs needing to restart the application.
StrucLink for ProSteel: ‘Delete Record’ button throws Run time error if Clicked “Yes” from ‘Conform Delete’ window.1.Open ProSteel.
2.Open Analysis Link.
3.Go to Tools>>Database Management>>Shapes(Or Material)
4.Click on Delete Record button.
5.Click Yes from Conform Delete window.
Application gives message saying “Run-time error ‘3201’ No current record.”
6.Click OK from the error message.
Application gives error saying “Run time error ‘440’: Automation error.” And Analysis Link window hangs.
Detail Center crashDetail Center is crashing when detailing a view that contains a complex ps-primitive, a primitive that was created by union a ProSteel primitive with AutoCAD solids.
Spelling Mistakes and spacing not provide 
_PS_Layer command not working from Drop down menu.ProSteel --> Additions --> Layer --> Viewport layer
Following is text from command prompt after running this command

Command: _Ps_Layer_
Command: Ldlayer
Different names have been specified for ProStructures in "Start>>All Programs" and "Add or Remove Programs". 
Start_AutoConnect_Generator.dvb did not work, showed an execution error on running.1. Go to connection center.
2. In "AutoConnect" run "Start Generator" Command.
Shows execution error message in AutoCAD command prompt.
Start Data Manager command opened up windows installer and configured ProStructures for AutoCAD and showed an error message.1. Go to connection center.
2. In "AutoConnect" run "Start Data Manager" Command
A windows installer window opened up and started configuring ProStructures for AutoCAD. Later another error message popped up mentioning "Failed to install ISKernel files.
StrucLink: "Consider Assign" check box button didn't work.1. Place a member in ProSteel.
2. Go to PS3D properties>>Part list data>>Assignment.
3. Keep assign status as it is i.e. None
4. Go to Connection Center>>Start StrucLink.
5. Toggle on Consider Assign button.
6. Export the file.
Actual Result: Though Consider Assign button toggled on the model gets exported. In Export window "None" can be seen under Assignment column.
Hidden lines not showed up properly in Detail Center 
Creating parametric user shapes didn’t not allow imperial strings like 2 1/4Measures for parametric user shapes are not calculated correct when using imperial strings.
It is only working for metric.
NC-Data not complete for Z- shape.ProSteel is not generating data for the holes within the web of a Z-shape. However the top and bottom hole is showing up. The solution to set the max hole offset does not make any difference regarding the output of NC data.
StrucLink: Sometimes GUI of Analysis Link changes as snap attached.Sometimes I did get different GUI for Analysis link. It doesn't have exact path but may be after some undefined iteration it comes.
64 Bit Version Blockpath in stairs got lost.The blockpath when entered is getting lost again when reopening ProSteel v8i 64 Bit. Seem same problem like the Detail-Center Insert-wizard is losing templates.
Windows Vista Templates of Insert-wizard haven’t been savedIs in 64 bit version.
StrucLink for Exporting concrete member to exchange file converts the member to steel.1.Place a concrete member in
2.Export it to exchange file using StrucLink.
3.Open ProSteel and import the exchange file to ProSteel using the analysis link.
4.Check the material of the member from Import status window.

Exporting concrete member to exchange file converts the member to steel.
StrucLink for ProSteel: Analysis Link didn’t export member having length less than 336mmSteps to reproduce:
1.Open ProSteel with Metric unit template.
2.Place a member with length 335 mm
3.Go to Analysis Link>>Project>>Export.
4.Check the Export window.
No member display in Export window.
5.Place a member with length 336mm. and repeat above procedure.
Member with 336mm or < length gets exported to exchange file.
Tick boxes haven’t been one line.ProSteel -- Groups -- Dialog ---settings
Installer and Windows 7 
Command _Ps_Modify_Cmb didn’t work. 
Error message ProStructures Series2Version V8i (SELECTseries 2)When exiting an error message appears.
Create 2D sectionCreate 2D section command for ProSteel is not working properly with regards to alignment on its top view and bottom view.
Bolt length calculation incorrect when using PAL safety Nut 
DC setting position-flag angleFor small single parts with front view and left view and a position-flag, the distance between the views is very large just because of the position-flag. Even if I change the angle in the distribution style nothing changes.
Append plateWhen using the command “Append plate”, if the second plate has some cut or chamfer, ProSteel deletes all these modifications.
HandrailIn the handrail’s macro if I set the radius less than a specific value, PS can’t generate the connection. I.e. if the shapes are Ø21.6.
Number of Display Classes and Area Classes have not been controlled by the user.1. Go to ProSteel "Options".
2. In "Dialog Settings" under "Classes/Families", specify new numbers for Display Classes and Area Classes.
3. Click "OK".
4. Restart ProStructures.
5. Open "Display Classes" window. Still the default number will be used though ProSteel options shows modified values.
Needed to click ok button two times to delete a project.1. Run ps_project command
2. Create a new project
3. Click ‘Delete a project’ button. A window pop-ups.
4. Click OK button (with attached text ‘You agree with this questions’ ) on that window .
Actual Result:
Need to click the button two times.
StrucLink: Exchange file path was editable but didn’t take path from the field directlyGo to ProSteel >> Connections >> StrucLink >> Start StrucLink
Exchange file path is editable but doesn’t take path from the field directly. If we put a path there and export a model, it gets exported successfully but not in the given path.
StrucLink: StrucLink parent window got disappeared if clicked Cancel from child windowGo to Connection center>>Start StrucLink>>Projects>>New Exchange file>>Projects>>Export>>Select on window>>Cancel. The parent window gets disappeared.
Detail-styles were missingSometimes the detail-styles disappear and even new ones can hardly be loaded. Accomplish the command "Load all styles"
The options ListGroupCount and mutiple count didn’t work in Frm File for Partlist outputListGroupCount and ListGroupMultiplayCount is not working if used in the frm files. If one uses this options they are not applied in the resulting drawing list. If using only those option without any addition like ListGroupCount same result, see below example
see following sets:

Views with *** have been detailed but not changed and inserted information One can detail and insert the view in a drawing but no color changes and no information on info off insertion status.
StrucLink for ProSteel: First allowed assignment could be added two times1.Go to Analysis Link>>Tools>>Allowed Assignment.
2.Remove all the assignment from right window.
3.Add any of the assignment from the list.
4.Again try to add the same assignment.
It adds the first assignment two times. For next assignment if we try to add again we can’t.
Starting Detail-Center was slow 
About ProStructures menu repeated in Drop down menuAbout ProStructures menu repeated at below mentioned locations,
1)ProSteel -->About ProStructures
2)ProSteel --> Tool Bars --> About ProStructures

Dialog title not provided for Motion simulation window 
RSS Feed per default deactivatedShould be activated by default
Command: PS_COMMEN prompts "Pick first Part for Common Volume" for selection of Second part also.Command: _Ps_Commen
PS_COMMEN prompts "Pick first Part for Common Volume" for selection of Second part also.
Position-flags editable with grips either after create pure AutoCAD DWG or with Object-Enabler 
Help button was unable to open up Help document.1. Install ProStructures on user defined path.
2. Go to ProSteel menu and open connection center.
3. In "ProSteel Connection Center", go to Column/Beam connections and click on "Seated" connection.
4. Select connecting member and supporting member.
5. ProSteel Seated Connection window will pop-up.
6. In this window click on "Help" button.
It does not work.

Support of Bentley Navigator and iModel Composer (separate download)