Display Latitude Longitude values of points in the Design DGN

Area: Annotation
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group



How can you display the Latitude and Longitude at specific control points?  The information is available in a surface DTM as well as through the Survey Field Book FWD, so what is the best way for InRoads to label the Lat/Long for points?


This can be accomplished through the Tracking command in InRoads.  Tools > Tracking > Tracking

If the DGN has a Geocoordinate System assigned, when you activate the Tracking command it will track the Lat/Long.  If you need to annotate specific points you can tentative snap to the points and left click to display annotation for the tracking.

You can control the display of the annotation through the Tracking commands Settings to control what objects are annotated as well as the Text Symbology.

Please Note:  This will only work if you have a Geocoordinate System assigned to the DGN.  If the DGN does not have the GCS assigned, the Lat/Long will be blank and only annotate the Northing/Easting.