05. Typical Comments, Questions, and Answers about AutoPIPE's Reports

Q0:  Applications to view reports

Q1:  Print the Output reports to MS Excel, *.csv, or MS Word

Q2: Results are 0.00 or blank

Q3: What is +/- mean?

Point suffixes +1 ,+2 , etc.

Node number with suffix N+. N-, M+, M-, F+, F-

Q4:  Limit reports to a number of specific node points, pipe supports, etc.

Q5:  Customized reports to export information in a specific format

Q6: %error allowed in the program

Q7:  Report information on hidden segments

Q8.  Reports take a considerable amount of time (slow) to generate and be displayed

Q9:  Result grids does not match the actual output reports

Q10: 2 exact model files but with different results

Q11. Customize Output reports

Q12. Limit Output results to selected combinations

Q13: Output report is truncated at some random

Q14. Combinations not being printed in the output report or results grids

Q15. General Stress Report; what does LOC mean

Q16. Unable to generate report

Q17. Reset Report viewer location

Q.18. Brackets in Combination name, ex. Thermal 20 {21}

Q19. Results do not make sense

Q20. Digits of decimals for length column in Point Connectivity section is not aligned with value given in Edit Model Option, Why?

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