17. Why is Base supported elbow missing from imported PXF file to AutoPIPE?

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Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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Sept. 2016


When importing a PXF file into AutoPIPE, noticed that some of the base supported elbows were missing:



should have been an elbow with a support modeled. Instead both support and elbow were found missing from the imported file. 

Why and how to avoid / fix? 


This was due to improper “Base Elbow Support” attached to this bend.


The issue was that the coordinates on Port 3000 & 3020 was not same which was against PCF standard. 


This problem was with the exported PCF file from OpenPLANT and fixed in OpenPlant 8.11.11 (SS6) and higher.

Update to newer version of software before exporting new PCF file.

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