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MAXSURF What is Maxsurf - Maximize Vessel Performance
MAXSURF Intorduction - Maximize Vessel Performance
MAXSURF Promotional Video - Overview
MAXSURF View Orientation in 3D Perspective Window
What's new in MAXSURF 23.03


MAXSURF Modeler - Quickstart Design

Modeling existing vessel

MAXSURF Modeler - Background Images
MAXSURF Modeler - Fitting Existing Designs
Reverse Engineering in MAXSURF part1
Reverse Engineering in MAXSURF part2
Point Cloud to NURB Surface Model
MAXSURF Modeler Workflow Example - NURBS Surface Model

NURBS Surfaces

MAXSURF Modeler - Planning a Surface Layout
MAXSURF - Graphical and Numerical Editing
MAXSURF Modeler - Bonding Surface Edges
MAXSURF 22.03 - Tips and Tricks in Modeler - Surface Table
MAXSURF Modeler - Surface Fairing
MAXSURF Modeler - Surface Trimming
MAXSURF Modeler - Creating and Developing Plates


MAXSURF Modeler - Creating a Trimesh
Combining both NURBS and Trimesh surfaces in a MAXSURF design file

Developable surfaces
Designing with Developable surfaces in MAXSURF

Working from Curves

MAXSURF Modeler - Arc Curves
MAXSURF Modeler - Skinning Curves around a Bilge
MAXSURF Modeler: Skinning Curves - Chine


Multihull Designs in MAXSURF


MAXSURF Modeler - Automation Example
Towards Hull Optioneering automation in MAXSURF
Accessing MAXSURF 64-bit COM Automation Interface from 32-bit Applications

Structural Response

Structural Response of Marine Structures in MAXSURF
MAXSURF 22.03 - Model Transfer from Modeler to Multiframe

Hydrostatics in Modeler and Stability

Model requirements

MAXSURF Stability - Hull Model Analysis
MAXSURF Stability - Checking Your Model
Fine-tuning Hydrostatic Sections in MAXSURF Stability
How to Deal with Longitudinal Discontinuities in the Sectional Area Curve in MAXSURF Modeler
MAXSURF Stability - Background Images

Analysis setup

MAXSURF Stability - Concepts and Specified Condition
MAXSURF Stability - Modeling Rooms
MAXSURF Stability - Sounding Pipes
MAXSURF Stability - Modeling Complex Rooms
MAXSURF Stability - Load Cases
MAXSURF Stability - Stability Criteria
MAXSURF Stability - Waves and Grounding
MAXSURF Stability - Reporting

Analysis modes

MAXSURF Stability - Upright Hydrostatics
MAXSURF Stability - Equilibrium Analysis
MAXSURF Stability - KN Value Analysis
MAXSURF Stability - Large Angle Stability
MAXSURF Stability - Floodable Length
MAXSURF Stability - MARPOL Oil Outflow Analysis
MAXSURF Stability - Tank Calibrations
MAXSURF Stability - Batch Analysis

Maximum or Limiting VCG

MAXSURF Stability - Limiting KG Analysis
How to Calculate Maximum VCG with MAXSURF Stability
Troubleshoot Maximum VCG Calculations in MAXSURF Stability

Damage stability

MAXSURF Stability - Damage Setup
MAXSURF Stability - Damage Effects
MAXSURF Stability - Damage Criteria
MAXSURF Stability - Damage Limiting KG

Probabilistic Damage

MAXSURF Stability - Probabilistic Damage Introduction
MAXSURF Stability - Probabilistic Damage Global Inputs
MAXSURF Stability - Probabilistic Damage Zones Input
MAXSURF Stability - Probablistic Damage Criteria
MAXSURF Stability - Probabilistic Damage Analysis Results Part 1

Other features in Stability

MAXSURF Stability - Analysis of Spilling Tanks

Resistance and Sailing performance

MAXSURF Resistance - Introduction
MAXSURF VPP - Introduction
MAXSURF Resistance - Measuring Surfaces
MAXSURF Resistance - Analysis
MAXSURF Resistance - Slender Body Method
MAXSURF Resistance - Calculating Wake

Ship Motions

MAXSURF Motions - Prediction Using Seakeeper: Intro
MAXSURF Motions - Predictions Using Seakeeper: Inputs
MAXSURF Motions - Prediction Using Seakeeper: Setup
MAXSURF Motions - Prediction Using Seakeeper: Results
MAXSURF Motions - Prediction Using Seakeeper: Visualization

Multiframe structural analysis


MAXSURF Multiframe - Geometry Setup
MAXSURF Multiframe - Sketching Structures
MAXSURF Multiframe - Generating Structures
MAXSURF Multiframe - Creating Structural Geometry
MAXSURF Multiframe - Graphical Modification
MAXSURF Multiframe - Numerical Modification
MAXSURF Multiframe - Creating Curved Geometry
MAXSURF Multiframe - Importing Geometry
MAXSURF Multiframe - Restraints
MAXSURF Multiframe - Sections and Materials
MAXSURF Multiframe - Applying Properties
MAXSURF Multiframe - Member Orientation
MAXSURF Multiframe - Member Offsets
MAXSURF Multiframe - Releases and End Springs
MAXSURF Multiframe - Master Slave
MAXSURF Multiframe - Automation


MAXSURF Multiframe - Load Case Management
MAXSURF Multiframe - Applying Loads
MAXSURF Multiframe - Member Loads
MAXSURF Multiframe - Joint Loads
MAXSURF Multiframe - Panel Loads
MAXSURF Multiframe - Wind Loads
MAXSURF Multiframe - Thermal Loads
MAXSURF Multiframe - Patch Loads
MAXSURF Multiframe - Hydrostatic Loads
MAXSURF Multiframe - Sea Motion Loads

Analysis and Results

MAXSURF Multiframe - Simple Beam Analysis
MAXSURF Multiframe - Continuous Beam Analysis
MAXSURF Multiframe - 2D Truss Analysis
MAXSURF Multiframe - Analyzing Results

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