Locating a HOSTED activation key

 Product(s):All Hevacomp Products
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As part of the Bentley Hevacomp software installation, an activation key will be requested.

Please note that this step can be cancelled and you can proceed with the installation, and then activated at a later date if required.


In most instances, this activation key will be for a Hosted license. (Please note if the software is licensed via a deployed license, information will have been previously dispatched). To locate your Activation key your site admin will firstly need to log into https://www.bentley.com/:

Please find the process for locating your Hosted Select activation key please at the Licensing Communities here.

For guidance on how to enter this activation key into the software, see here.

Should you require any further assistance with locating your activation key or activating your software please reach out to the Licensing Forum or log a Licensing Service Request.