a. Input / Results grids only shows 0 - 3 decimal places, how to see more digits after the decimal i

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Jan. 2019


How to see more than 0-3 digits after decimal in Input / results grids?


At this time, Feb 2019, there is no user control on displaying the number of digits after decimal.

There is one quick trick to review the value stored for a floating point (real) number in model database. If you open the input / results grid and even though the precision display on grid is limited to 0 - 3 decimal points, if you click the cell containing the value, it shows you the actual value for the backend variable. 

Notice in the image above that the selected cell decimal is 4 places when all the other non-selected cells are 0 places. The program database is using a single precision data type to store the support stiffness values. You can read more about this data type here.


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