Offshore Learning Resources


SACS is an integrated finite element structural analysis package of applications that uniquely provides for the design of offshore structures, including oil and gas platforms, wind farms, and topsides of FPSOs and floating platforms. SACS software has been used by offshore engineers around the world for nearly 40 years. Many of the world’s energy companies specify SACS software for use by their engineering firms across the lifecycle of offshore platforms. Because every project has different needs, there are three flexible SACS options. Offshore Structure Ultimate for comprehensive capabilities required for typical offshore jackets, wharfs, and dolphin structures; Offshore Structure Advanced for static topside and deck analysis; and Offshore Structure for static structural analysis.

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MOSES is advanced hydrostatic and hydrodynamic software that provides for the accurate calculation and simulation of offshore floating systems. Its analysis capabilities and scripting language can be applied in the frequency domain and time domain for both installation problems and in-place analysis of FPSOs and floating platforms. More than 30 years of focus on these specialized requirements have made MOSES the analysis mainstay for most of the world’s offshore installation projects. MOSES is available in three packages to suit all design office requirements: MOSES, MOSES Advanced, and MOSES Ultimate.

Use the MOSES Learning Resources to quickly find training materials and wiki articles related to your design workflow.