Free cells or cell libraries

 Version(s):V8, 2004, XM, V8i, CONNECT, 2023

Where can I get free cells or cell libraries?


This article describes several ways how to get free cells or cell libraries or use DWG/DXF files like MicroStation cells.

Steps to Accomplish

Option 1:

With the installation of MicroStation, cell libraries have been delivered. They can be found in the following folders of installation or the workspace directories:

Option 2:

Use the following link to download free cells or cell libraries from Bentley:
Bentley Library Standards Cells

Option 3:

You could also search for e.g. "MicroStation cell libraries"  via an internet search to find external downloads from non-Bentley websites.
You could also search for DWG/DXF files since they could be used simliarly to how MicroStation cell libraries are integrated.
Taking this into consideration, you could extend the configuration variables MS_CELLLIST or MS_BLOCKLIST to the directory where these DWG/DXF files are stored. (variable directory values should end with "/*.dwg" or "/*.dxf")
In the Cell Options window, the button "Display All Cells In Path" needs to be activated to display all DWG/DXF files from all directories of the variables mentioned above.

Option 4:

You can also create your own cells in a library. For instructions please search for "Creating and Editing Cells" in MicroStation help.

See Also

Bentley Library Standards Cells

 Original Author:Yvonne Lohse