How to add a Lap/Splice to rebar in Concrete Modelling

Version(s):CONNECT Edition
Original Author:Alistair Lobo, Bentley Product Advantage Group


While modelling in the Concrete environment, if the bars exceed the stock length and you need the rebars to be lapped, you can do so by the Lap/Splice command.

This document will guide you on how to create Lap/Splice for a single rebar or rebar set.


1) Create a concrete shape and place a rebar to it.

2) Now navigate to Home > Rebar Modification > Rebar > Lap/Splice Rebar

3) The ‘Create Rebar Lap Splice’ dialog box will open, under the Pick rebar tab, select one of the methods and the click on the option to pick rebar and select the rebar for adding lap/splice. 

Once the rebar is picked, the ‘Stock Length’ and ‘Mill length’ will appear.

4) Then click on the Lap Method tab, here you can choose among 3 types viz.
       i) Length
       ii) Diameter
       iii) Mechanical Device
For this case we will choose length.

5) Lastly, go to Generate Lap tab and then select    to lap the rebar between 2 chosen points.

    Here we have 2 options - 

(a)    Lap rebar between 2 chosen points – You can manually define the start and end points for the line along which you want the laps to be generated.

(b)    Lap rebar along an existing line – You can select an already created line that cuts the rebar along the path that you want the laps to be created.

6) In this case, we will use the ‘Lap rebar between 2 chosen points’  and define the start and end points of the line along the lap.

7) After this, the laps get generated according to the input that you have entered previously.

8) Note that, in step 6) we have given the value for Skipped Bar  as 2, hence, the laps have been generated for the succeeding bars leaving a gap of two consecutive bars.

9) Also, if you want to have the laps generated in a staggered manner, after generating your laps, you need to select the checkbox before Staggered Laps and give the spacing length between 2 consecutive laps and then select the    button.

10) If you are not content with the generated laps and want to erase the laps, you can do the same by clicking on the    Clear Lap button.

In this manner, you can generate laps and clear them according to your requirement.