IoT Documents Module


The IoT Documents Module allows users to import and store files associated with assets and sensors within the iTwin IoT web application. The IoT Documents module also houses reports that are set to be delivered to the Reports folder and has a storage folder where File Transfer Protocol (FTP) files are delivered if FTP is set up.

This article will cover the following topics:

Navigating to Documents and Documents Tabs

1. IoT Documents Module- On the left side of the Module selection bar, select the IoT Documents icon.

2. Document Tabs- There are four Document Tabs available on the left side of the Documents Module.

My Documents- The My Documents tab houses all documents uploaded in the Asset by users. This Tab also allows users to upload additional documents.

Reports- The Reports Tab holds folders where Reports with "Upload Report to Documents" are stored during each scheduled or triggered Report distribution.

Asset Documents- The Asset Documents tab allows users to find or search for Documents that are associated with Connections, Devices, or Sensors. Asset Documents are also visible on the Details page of the Connection, Device, or Sensor.

FTP- The FTP folder is used for helping set up file transfer protocol transfers and serves to house all FTP files when they have been transferred into the iTwin IoT application.

My Documents

The My Documents tab houses all documents uploaded in the Asset by users. This section will provide an overview of the use and navigation of the My Documents ta

Search Bar- The user is able to search for documents via keywords.

Columns- Clicking on a column give users the ability to sort by the Name, Created by, Upload date, and File size columns.

New Document or Folder- Clicking the "+New" icon opens a dropdown selection allowing the user to add a folder for document management or a new document.

The Folder option opens the Folder window, allowing users to name and then add a folder to the My Documents window.

The Upload option opens the New Document window, allowing the user to drag and drop or browse their computer and upload the selected file. This file will then be visible in the My Documents folder.

Existing Documents- Clicking on an existing document opens up some additional options for the document.

A. Kebab Options- The kebab allows the user to download or delete the document, or the user can move the document to a folder if folders are being used.

B. Associate and Preview- An option window opens on the right side of the page giving the user a preview of the document and also allowing the document to be associated with a sensor after clicking the "+" icon.


The Reports tab houses folders for all reports shared with you in the Reports module.

If the "Upload Report to Documents" toggle shown below is enabled on the report, every time a report is generated manually or by a schedule, a copy of the report will be uploaded to the report folder. This feature is useful for immediately getting a report without waiting for email delivery.

In the report folder, selecting a report gives the user the same controls available in the My Documents tab.

Asset Documents

The Asset Documents tab allows the user to search for and view documents associated with Assets. 

1. Search Bar- The user is able to search for associated documents via keywords.

2. Selection Filter- The user can filter associated documents that appear by selecting a Connection, Device, or Sensor from the dropdowns.

3. Applied Filters- This bar shows what filter is applied.

4. Documents- Documents associated with the search term used or filters applied are shown below the filter bar.


The FTP tab holds data files pushed to the iTwin IoT application after setting up Senceive or Instantel FTP connections. For more information about these connections and how to set them up, visit the FTP Article.