What are the limitations when transferring data from OBM to Substructure of LEAP Bridge Concrete

11. Substructure:

  1. Pier Location offset is measured in OBM, along the SupportLine, whereas in LBC it is measured perpendicular to the alignment. The conversion is done on the fly when data is transferred from OBM to LBC.
  2. Since LBC does not support inclined/sloped pier cap, when such a cap is transferred from OBM, it is treated as a straight/level cap and the bearing seats adjusted to fill in the gap under bearings/beams.
  3. Other than the Oval column shape from OBM, all other 'regular' column shapes are supported in LBC. The Oval shape column is converted to an equivalent rectangular shape with fillets. When transferring template based column cross-sections from OBM, columns come in with a cross-section represented by a bounding rectangle around the shape. Variable pier caps with parabolic or circular variations are approximated by linear variations
  4. For Abutments, to accommodate various agency practices, OBM allows users to set three different locations (front face of backwall, centerline of abutment cap, back of abutment) as the reference line for placing abutments. Since LBC only allows one reference line at center of abutment, OBM on data transfer will maintain the accurate lengths of the girders, and adjust the position of abutment for an additional offset distance. Wingwalls are not transferred from OBM to LBC at this time.
  5. Integral substructures for Box Girder bridges and RC Slab bridges, with the integral cap taking the shape of the superstructure are currently not supported in OBM. These will need to be modeled in LBC, after initial model transfer from OBM.
  6. All geometry changes made to substructure in LBC can be brought back to OBM. The user will have the opportunity to view and accept or reject the changes when updating the model in OBM using the transfer XML format file.
  7. If you have modified the column length in LEAP and you want to update the column length in OBM, please be sure to have the footings elevation constraints unchecked in order to see the updated model.
  8. For Variable Columns, defined using Templates, transfer to LBC is not possible at this time.