Import Street Names


OpenRoad SignCAD 2023




Original Author: 

Bentley Global Technical Support 

Introduction:  The instructions and video below show how to create multiple signs from a sign template and text file using the Import Street Names in OpenRoads SignCAD.

Step 1: In OpenRoads SignCAD, use an existing standard sign or other sign file as a template.

Step 2: Create a text file in Notepad. The top line of text in Notepad should match the sign template wording (ex: EXIT 44). Words in the sign are separated by tabs (ex: EXIT<Tab>44).  Press <Enter> at the end of each line. Save the text file.

Step 3: Pick the File tab to go to the Backstage and pick Import > Import Street Names.

Step 3:  In the Open dialog, browse and select the TXT file to import and press Open.

Step 4:  Pick Fit View to see all of the signs generated from the sign template and imported TXT file.