NOW AVAILABLE! OpenBridge Modeler 2023 Release (v23.0.0.200) - November 2023

This topic summarizes the new enhancements in OpenBridge Modeler 2023, (v23.0.0.200)

Primary Enhancements

  • 2d/3d Separation
  • Model Concrete Beam Camber
  • Transition Block on Pier Caps
  • Concrete Diaphragms for Steel Girder Ends
  • Export to IFC (Technology Preview)

Additional Enhancements

  • User defined slope for Piers and Abutment Caps
  • Beam Layout: Allow Beam R to be defined relative to other beams
  • Elevation Constraints on Caps - option to follow top/bottom of deck
  • Option to define Approach Ref Line by Station
  • Bearing and Bearing Plate/Grout Pad, Volume Option
  • Deprecated 'Build Order'
  • Reports Enhancements (multiple)
  • Option to specify Batter for Abutment Backwall
  • Steel Beams: Options to Copy Materials
  • Deck Properties: Show start/end Station
  • Pier or Abutment: Station as Item Type
  • Allow user to rename Bearings
  • Direction Bearing in Support Line Decoration
  • Elevation Constraints for Piles (Absolute and from DTM)
  • Combined Custom Footing for Pier
  • Cut Backwall with Wing Wall
  • Wing Wall Slope
  • Option to place barrier under deck
  • Cheekwall Top Elevation as Property
  • WingWall Top Elevation as Property
  • BackWall Top (left and right) as Properties
  • Weight of Piles as Property
  • Sleeper Slab Piles
  • Encased Piles
  • Steel member loading performance improvements
  • Installer: MicroStation Technology Preview options
  • Bearing Materials as Property and Item Types
  • Accessories: Station and offset as properties and Item Types
  • Accessories: x,y,z coordinates as properties and Item Types

Technology Stack

  • MicroStation PowerPlatform Update 23.1 (v23.0.1.339) 
  • Civil Platform (
  • OpenRoads 2023 (v23.0.0.129)  
  • ProStructures Update 23 (v23.0.0.55) 
  • Certified with PW v10.00.03.453 
  • Generative Components (v23.0.1.16) 
  • GINT ( 
  • Descartes ( 
  • CONNECTION Client ( 

Defects fixed in 2023

Link to Defects Fixed

Youtube PlayList

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