Resolved issues in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 8,


Resolved issues in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 8,

This is the list of the resolved issues for MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 8,

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Defect NumberDescription
744331Resolved issue with mesh element's indices that are incorrectly created in DWG
709039Resolved issue with converting specific .LAZ does not maintain Coordinate System
567368Resolved issue when converting specific E57 to .POD
750329Fixed issue with DWG Text from Section Block not Aligning correctly
718050Resolved crash while importing specific keyin based text file
717310Fixed issue with text using key-in strings for Text Attributes that would cause specific crash in MicroStation CONNECT Edition
747824Fixed issue with Editing the Thermatic Height Display Style with ESC closes dialog and MicroStation becomes unresponsive/td>
746738Resolved specific issue with fence clip and reference with offset/td>
727233Resolved issue with compile after including Contraint3dElementAPI.h
749828Fixed issue with creating polygons with sides not orthogonal between them
752445Resolved issue with creating a new material in an empty file where the palette name cannot be changed.
775584Fixed issue with element section using crossing will select masked reference elements.
771306Fixed issue with PDF that doe not display a correct size when the scale is other than 1
779214Fixed issue with DWG with annotation scale applied to the viewport displays differently in MicroStation than in AutoCAD
773653Decreased the time to display properties dialog when a cell is selected in the cel library dialog with the properties dialog opened
764291Fixed Cubic mapping not being correct in render on mesh
744567Resolved issue when selecting elements in master, elements in clipped reference are selected as well
773320Added missing DSpiral2dBase.h file in SDK
723706Resolved issue with Sheet Border when created in 2D Design model does not remain associated with sheet in specific file
752683Fixed issue when copying a clipped self reference file crashes MicroStation
746831Resolved MicroStation crash after applying display rules with patterns and selecting and deselecting elements
784862Fixed Vertical Reprojection incorrect when converting from Geoid to Geoid with different datums.
785432Fixed Microstation crashs when selecting favourites when place text field
765447Resolved issue with Configuration Variables dialog displays duplicate entries for _USTN_WORKSETSDGNWSROOT
765448Resolved issue with Configuration Variables dialog displays duplicate entries for _USTN_WORKSETDGNWS
730520Decreased time to apply variarations of Parametric cell
691510Resolved issue with specific external material table will not be transfered to a copied model.
372770Fixed Place Note tool the text line weight is 0 regardless of the active line weight or the text style.
762837Resolved issue with specific MicroStation crash on startup with custom VBA
792843Resolved issue with Raster Line Styles are not being honored when enabling on/off the Line Style in the View Attribute dialog.
737438Fixed MicroStation crash while viewing the specific attached SP3D i-Model
786529Fixed issue with specific DWG Text for Cell blocks not aligned correctly
747381Fixed issue with Reference using saved views are shifted on file open with specific file.
676990Resolved issue with Text node not appearing after changing properties.
780401Checking if a shape element is Planar in VBA gives inconsistent results
759751Resolved VBA issue withsAssigning new TextStyle to Textelement in TextNode raises runtime error
744132Fixed VBA attachment object invalid after executing an Undo of previous attachment move
694656Fixed issue with light preview wont reflect color change immediately required to regenerate preview
710610Resolved issue when opening a specific file with a bitmap image causes crash
765449Fixed issue with DGNWS is not being written to when relocated using _USTN_WORKSETDGNWS
746438Fixed issue whith DWG Referenced Note Rotates Text When Using "Use Annotative Scale"
755156Resolved issue with FBX files do not display texture
797532Resolved issue with specific file where Bing Maps displays at incorrect position
797279Rationalize BeTA2010 German GCS
706075Resolved issue with specific DWG File causing hang on open
807476Fixed issue with logical value displays as Master in Level Manager with empty levels from DGNLIB

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