Export of 2D and 3D drawing from Geomath/Bridge Parametric Layout to MicroStation

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Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group -VM

QUESTION: How to export 2D , 3D drawing from Geomath / Bridge Parametric Layout to MicroStation ?


  1. Click on Alignment from the Alignment Tree.
  2. Then click on Alignment Tie and a new dialog box will appear on the screen.
  3. Keep the North and East co-ordinate as it is and copy the information to Notepad.
  4. Then export the file as 2D or 3D and in the Export Dialog Box Paste those coordinates as X and Y of the global origin and then click “OK”.
  5. Then user should be able to see the exported 2D or 3D drawing in MicroStation.
  6. The alignment will be set to the correct X and Y coordinate.