How to reset Columns missing from dialogs, error messages

 Product(s):Openutilities Substation 
 Area:Component Features

Problem Description

One or more columns are missing from dialogs.  Selecting [[Options]] > User Options > View Options > Reset Dialog Boxes to Default Settings does not help.

An "Invalid Filter" message can result when a filter is applied on the Select Part Number dialog after a column has been removed from that dialog.


When column headers are dragged they can inadvertently be removed from some dialogs including the Symbol Text, Device Usage Chart, Insert Symbol, Select Part Number, and Search dialogs.  Other cases may be caused by corruption.

Steps to Resolve

  1. Close Bentley Substation 

  2. Delete the grids.config file from the following folder:

    [[Application Data (per-user configuration) - promis.e ]]

 Original Author:Avanti.k

Keywords: Connection Point, TFS 5792, field, window, delete