Manually Creating Lap/Splice with reference to predefined line or two point selection

Version(s):CONNECT Edition
Subarea:Rebar Modification
Original Author:Sandip Kar, Facilities Engineering


Sometime in Rebar modeling, we need to do manual lap or splice according to our requirement.  This document will explain how to do manual Lap/Splice in Rebarset.


Please follow the below steps to perform the manual Lap/Splice. 

1. When you navigate to Concrete Workflow, navigate to Rebar modification > Rebar and click on Lap/Splice Rebar 

2. Lets take the following example of a simple slab with Rebars placed using Single Rebar distribution and also there is a predefined line drawn along which the Lap to be made.

3. In Lap/Splice Rebar dialog, you will get 3 methods to identify the rebar whether

"Single Rebar" or
"All Rebars in Same Direction" or
"All Rebar in Set"

Since here the Rebars are placed using Single Rebar Distribution, we need to choose "All Rebar in Set" and then select Rebar

4. Go to next Tab, Lap Method and select the method. Here again you have 3 options like how you want the lap

- Lap by Length
- Lap by Bar Diameter &
- Lap by Mechanical Device

Lets take the method as Length and define the length how much Lap you need.

5. Now switch to next tab "Generate Lap" and under manual Lap selection, enable "Center Lap on line" to generate the lap center of line. And then you will get two option to do the lap, either via two point option or via predefined line option.

6. Since we have predefined line, select the second option and then select the line and you lap will be done.

7. You have   button to clear the Lap if you want.

In this way you can geberate Lap manually using Two point method or Predefined line method.

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