How to have WorkSets in a different location from the WorkSpace

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: Basic Settings
Original Author:Holly Herring, Bentley Technical Support Group



How can I have my WorkSet in a different location from my WorkSpace? As delivered, the WorkSet is a child of the WorkSpace, but I want it in a different folder structure.


It is possible to store WorkSet (project) folders at a different location than the WorkSpace. CAUTION - Make sure this is really what is desired before implementing this option because it may cause additional administrative effort each time a new WorkSpace or WorkSet is created. This optional setup should only be considered if you have a requirement to isolate the project files (the WorkSet) from the WorkSpace.

  1. Create a new folder at the desired location for the WorkSets.
  2. Create a new folder in the WorkSets folder for EACH WorkSpace. The folders must be the same name as the WorkSpace.
  3. MOVE the existing files and folders from the /WorkSpaces/{WorkSpace name}/WorkSets/ folder to the new /WorkSets/{WorkSpace name}/ folders created in step 3b. Do not copy the WorkSets folder itself, just the contents (files and sub folders).
  4. Define location of the WorkSets folder by setting the MY_WORKSET_LOCATION variable either with an environment variable or by editing the WorkSpaceSetup.cfg file. For example: MY_WORKSET_LOCATION = E:/Project WorkSets/

There is an alternative setup where WorkSets are not stored by WorkSpace. They are still children of a WorkSpace, but are not organized that way in the folder structure. To make this work you will need to make a change to the WorkSpaceSetup.cfg file. Uncomment the _USTN_WORKSETSROOT=$(MY_WORKSET_LOCATION)/ line and comment out the line above it. When using this setup, skip step 2 in the above process. The disadvantage to this setup is that all WorkSets appear no matter which WorkSpace is selected. However, since the proper WorkSpace and WorkSet are branded into a file, they will correctly be opened even if a file from a non active WorkSpace is selected.